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Storm damaged roof

Storm-Damaged Roof Restoration in Huntsville, AL

During a storm at your home or office, the roof absorbs the brunt of the punishment. That is why it usually is the first place to sustain damage, whether it involves missing shingles, dented gutters, or broken fascia board. When you need any type of storm-damaged roof restoration services at your property in Huntsville, Albertville, or Decatur, reach out to our crews from Special Touch Restoration.

After any type of major storm, your roof should be inspected and restored properly, if needed. Storm damage can lead to a leaky roof that triggers structural damage to your property. Our experienced technicians take pride in their efficient storm & flood damage restoration services, including storm-damaged roof restoration. To get started, dial 256-908-8484 or click here.

Professional worker restoring damaged roof

Benefits of Professional Roof Restoration in Albertville, AL

Roof replacement is costly, but it is often necessary. If the damage is not as intense, roof restoration can be the solution to re-shingle, repair, and restore your property. When you choose to go the roof restoration route, you will want to match the new materials with your existing roofing style, material, and decor. Our crews understand this and also provide benefits that include:

  • Quick completion
  • Comprehensive restoration
  • Increased roof lifespan
  • Environmental benefits
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Roof Restoration Service Boosts the Value of Damaged Property

A damaged roof can lead to lots of additional damage to your home or office. That is why it must be addressed immediately. Without restoring the roof, your property could suffer structural damage, water damage, and more. All of these issues hurt your curb appeal, as well as your property value, as long as they go unaddressed. With roof restoration services from Special Touch Restoration, your roof will be back to its pre-damage condition in no time and will boost your property value, Using newer and more energy-efficient roofing elements in the restoration will also save money on utility bills.

Gutter filled with granules and cracked shingles

Signs of Roof Damage to Your Home

After a storm, you should look for certain indications of whether there's any damage to the canopy of your home. Noting any water damage will be the first order of business to check off the list. A leaky attic, damaged gutter, and cracked shingles can cause a lot of ancillary damage to other locations of your property. So check all elements of your roofing system for damage, making sure all areas are water-tight and will not allow a water intrusion inside.

Water that leaks into your property often shows up in the form of mold growth. The signs of mold include water stains on the ceiling and walls, as well as colored splotches, peeling paint, and peeling wallpaper.

Why Choose Us for Storm-Damaged Roof Restoration Services?

Restoration vehicles or vans of special touch restoration

Special Touch Restoration has been serving hundreds of households for more than 30 years. Our technicians take each task to heart and place customer service at the top of their to-do list for every job. This has led to us being named a Google Guarantee Business while earning an A+ rating from BBB. If you are a resident of DecaturMadison, Athens, Cullman, or other cities we serve in Alabama, we provide 24/7/365 emergency services and our crew will arrive in 60 minutes or less following your call for service.


Storm-Damaged Roof Restoration Services Offered by Special Touch

Our major storm & roof damage restoration services cover issues caused by:

Hurricane, hail and tornado damage scenes

Hurricane Damage: Many Alabama cities are along the Gulf Coast, where hurricanes strike. When a hurricane hits the coast, the high winds and heavy rains can carry into much of the state, causing lots of damage in its path. That is why hurricane damage can impact cities hundreds of miles inland. Alabama has a long history of being affected by hurricanes and we offer comprehensive restoration services for your roof and your property.

Hail damage: Hail damage often accompanies major thunderstorms and the falling pellets of frozen rain can damage siding, windows, shingles, gutters, and more. If can also pepper cars, outside furniture, and landscaping.

Snow & ice damage: Snowfall and ice can cause damage to your roof when the storm lasts for an extended period and the frozen precipitation builds up over time on your roof.

Tornado damage: Much like a hurricane, Alabama is prone to being hit by tornadoes. These strong wind storms develop over land, with busts reaching well over 100 mph. These storms knock shingles off roofs, scatter debris, uproot trees, knock down power lines, and more. A tornado can cause significant destruction to your roof and your property.

Tropical storm: Less powerful than a hurricane, a tropical storm can still create havoc with your property. Such a storm can hit your roof with a wind speed of 39 to 73 mph. We provide restoration services for homeowners and business owners damaged by this natural phenomenon.

Insurance claim: With any type of storm damage to your roof, you will want to file an insurance claim. Our crews can bill your insurance company directly, document the extent of the damage for the claim, and assist you with preparing the claim.

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Trust Us for Roof Damage Restoration in Huntsville & Albertville 

A home feels like home when you feel safe and comfortable there. Any damage to your roof spoils that feeling and triggers the need for storm-damaged roof restoration services by our IICRC-certified technicians from Special Touch. We are here to restore the integrity of your roof and your home. When you need our help, dial 256-908-8484 or click here to book an appointment for services at your property.

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