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Disaster Restoration in Huntsville & Albertville

When your home or office in Alabama has been impacted by a natural disaster, major storm, or significant accident, be sure to take decisive action and schedule disaster restoration services immediately. Just pick up your phone and call Special Touch Restoration at 256-908-8484. You can also click here to schedule an appointment online for your property within our service area.

When you reach one of our emergency crews, our experts will be at your home or office within 60 minutes to begin restoration work. We understand that the longer we take to arrive, the more severe the damage will be. Thus, we immediately respond to service calls in Huntsville, Albertville, Decatur, and other Alabama cities.

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Different Types of Disaster Restoration in Huntsville & Albertville, AL

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can lead to warping, rusting, swelling, staining, and decay. Mold growth and structural issues are also concerning things. However, effective restoration can prevent all these issues. You can trust our experts for effective restoration of your property.

Smoke & Fire Restoration

Although fire is the initial concern when a fire disaster happens. smoke and soot may cause more damage to your property over time. Smoke also leaves an odor that can cause breathing problems. Thus, our experts are here to help you with our compressive solution to fire damage restoration.

Flood Damage Restoration

When an indoor flood strikes your property in Alabama, the whole situation can be overwhelming. The after-effects of flood damage can be mold, mildew, structural damage, wood rot, and more. Our experts are here to help you address these issues with flood damage restoration.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms like hail storms, tornados, and heavy rain can do a lot more damage to your property than you think. If you don't address the damage immediately, these issues will lead to permanent damage to your property. Don't worry! we are here to restore your storm-damaged property effectively.

Mold Remediation

Mold on your property is a sign of water damage. Mold can weaken the structure, causing instability to your dwelling while causing health issues for inhabitants. Effective mold remediation is required to remove it from the root. We are here to protect your property from any damage.

Our Proven Disaster Restoration Process by Special Touch

Our disaster restoration process is designed to ensure a thorough and effective restoration. That includes the following steps:

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Damage assessment & planning: Our experts assess the damage and plot a course of action. We start the restoration process with a disaster restoration plan that helps us address all issues.

Water removal and drying: We remove water and dry the area using Water Out equipment. Our process is fast and effective.

Content cleaning & restoration: As part of the disaster restoration, soot or mold might damage or decrease the functionality of your content. We will thoroughly clean your content and restore it.

Structural damage restoration: We will restore your damaged attic, roof, ceiling, drywall, and more.

Deodorization and sanitization: Because smoke odors and mold odors can linger and cause health hazards, we kill any lingering bacteria along with eliminating the odor.

Final inspection: A final inspection is done to ensure that the whole process is done professionally.

Electronic Decontamination with Special Touch Restoration

Disasters like water, fire, and mold will also affect your electric devices. Soot, smoke, mold, and other chemicals might lead to the malfunctioning of your devices. With some electronic devices, this can be a fire hazard. Thus, electronic decontamination is important to ensure a safe home. At Special Touch Restoration, our experts make that possible and ensure better indoor air quality.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Disaster Restoration in AL

The cost of disaster restoration depends on several factors. Such as the type and extent of the damage, size of your property, content restoration needs, and more. It's better to call a professional to know more about the cost of disaster restoration. Our experts will do a free estimation for you to give you a concrete idea about the cost of your disaster restoration job.

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Why Restore Your Property with Special Touch Restoration?

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Google Guaranteed Business
  • IICRC-Certified Technicians
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Professional and Dependable Staff
  • Highly Trained & Uniformed Technicians
  • Detailed and Accurate Documentation

How Much Time Does It Take to Restore Your Damaged Property?

The time of the restoration process depends on the disaster type, the extent of the damage, and other additional services required for the damage. Usually, if the damage is severe it might take a few days to a week. However, this might vary. If you are facing a disaster then call our professional to know more about the duration and restoration.

Let Us Ensure a Safe Home for You in Huntsville and Albertville, AL

At Special Touch Restoration, we understand how much you value your property and your belongings. That is why our expert team is here to restore your damaged property while restoring your peace of mind. Our experts can also help you with your insurance claim. To reach us for disaster restoration services, dial 256-908-8484 or click here to schedule services today at your property in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, or other cities we serve in Alabama.