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Smoke odor removal service

Smoke Odor Removal in Huntsville & Albertville

A fire at your home or office will leave lasting memories and require immediate fire damage restoration, including smoke & soot restoration and smoke odor removal services. All of these services are essential but removing smoke odors that linger long after the final flame is doused typically signals the final step in restoration.

For customers in Huntsville, Albertville, and other cities we serve in Alabama, Special Touch Restoration has got you covered in all stages of the restoration process, including smoke odor removal. A thorough odor removal involves airing out the property and cleaning or replacing air filters, furnace filters, & AC filters. After that, we clean walls and ceilings using products with ammonia and glycol — two ingredients that neutralize smoke odors. To get started, dial 256-908-8484 or click here.

Smoke damaged ceiling

Why is Smoke Odor Removal Necessary at My Property?

Removing smoke odors from your property is essential because smoke and soot contain carcinogens that are health risks for humans. Until all traces of smoke and soot are removed, you will not have good indoor air quality and the smoky smell can cause headaches for those who live or work at the property. The longer the smell lasts, the longer you subject yourself to dangerous toxins the substances that can cause structural damage to your property.

Once the smoky smell is eliminated from the indoor air, you can rest assured that your property is fresh, safe, and inhabitable once again. This is why it's wise to go for smoke odor removal ASAP.

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Other Advantages of Professional Smoke Odor Removal in Huntsville, AL

In addition to improving indoor air quality, professional smoke odor removal services provide several advantages. They bring back the lost integrity of the property, along with removing discolored walls, ceilings, and other areas affected by the fire. Everything looks and smells fresher, boosting the morale of residents and workers.

When it is time to sell, smoke odor removal will help you to get a higher price. Long-term smoke residues are not good for the HVAC system and smoke odor removal eliminates that issue.

Restoration vehicles or vans of Special Touch Restoration company

Reasons to Rely on Special Touch Restoration to Eliminate Smoke Odors

Our company has more than 3 decades of professional experience in helping people retain the freshness, hygiene, and safety of their homes with comfort in the wake of fire damage. We are a locally owned and operated company that has the expertise, equipment, and experience needed to produce results for our customers in all stages of a restoration project, including smoke odor removal. We have earned an A+ rating with BBB and we are a Google Guaranteed Business. When you need help from our emergency team, our crews stand ready to roll on a 24/7 basis and are only 60 minutes away from your doorstep in Decatur, Athens, Madison, Cullman, Huntsville, Albertville, and other cities we serve.

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Other Fire Damage Services We Provide in Huntsville & Albertville, AL

In addition to smoke odor removal, other fire damage restoration services we offer include:

Fire damaged house smoke removal

Smoke & soot restoration: This fire damage restoration service involves removing harmful fire residues.

Fire board-up services: We install temporary protection for fire-damaged property until the restoration work is completed.

Duct system smoke removal: Duct system smoke removal restores the HVAC system's performance by cleaning.

Structural fires: We repair damages to various structural areas caused by fire with the proper restoration approach.

Indoor air quality: We change AC and filters and clean your air ducts to boost the air quality of your home or office.

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Is 100% Smoke Odor Removal Possible at My Home?

Yes. It's possible to eliminate the smell fully and permanently. However, that can't be expected by the DIY method unless the issue is minor. The fact is there is no way to find out the level of damage without professional inspection and assessment. With the limited effectiveness, it will be also time-consuming. There is also a chance of further damage by that. That's why to be fully assured of getting rid of this problem you must talk to an expert.

We Eliminate Your Worries About Filing an Insurance Claim

We know how much emotional distress a person would go through after a fire accident. It becomes more suffering if anxiety adds up with that. In such a situation a homeowner requires financial support and at the same time a little relaxation. We are happy to offer insurance claim assistance to our customers. As we bill directly to the insurance company and cover the paperwork, you don't have to worry about the complicated and hassling task.

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Don't get extra stress thinking about how you can get rid of annoying smoke odors. We are ready to listen to your problem and come up with the best services to make your life easier and normal again. Don't ignore if your nose and eyes notice the existence of smoke in your home for a while. Dial 256-908-8484 or click here to set an online appointment with our service team for a quick restoration and resolution.