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Indoor moisture control

Moisture Control Services in Huntsville & Albertville, AL

Excess moisture is harmful to your property. For residents in Alabama, which has a humid climate, it is important to note the humidity level of the indoor atmosphere to prevent the possibility of mold, condensation, and more. This issue can be solved by having moisture control services performed by Special Touch Restoration to lower indoor humidity readings and remove any threats of water damage to your property in Huntsville or Albertville.

Our crews can provide a wide array of moisture control services, including dehumidifiers and crawl space encapsulation. To learn more about us, dial 256-908-8484 or ciick here.

Importance of Moisture Control at Your Property in Alabama

Moisture control is essential to live a comfortable life. High humidity readings will threaten your comfortable indoor environment every day until you get them under control. Any wetness in the air that lands on the structure and remains there (think: condensation) can become a threat to the structure. Moisture also opens the door to mold and its potential health hazards to humans. Mold also feeds on organic materials, which include most construction materials. That raises the threat of possible structural damage

Importance of moisture control

Additional negative repercussions from high humidity include musty odors, allergic reactions, and discoloration of walls, and ceilings. Moisture has a huge impact on the HVAC system. A rise in the humidity level makes the AC unit, heater, and other systems work harder, leading to higher utility bills. With lower humidity levels, the same indoor comfort level can be maintained with far less HVAC energy involved. Thus, moisture control saves electricity and energy bills. Whether it's a crawl space, basement, or another part of your property, let us keep your humidity level under control with moisture control services.

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Issues that Cause Moisture at Your Property in Huntsville and Albertville

The humidity of an indoor atmosphere depends on the efficiency of the air sealing and insulation. It is important not to waste conditioned air with leakage to remain comfortable in your home on a year-round basis. Living in a humid region like Alabama naturally makes this issue very significant to local homeowners and business owners. Poor ventilation doesn't let the moist air pass out properly. As a result, the dry air from outside can't come inside and lower the humidity. Drying wet clothes and houseplants also contributes to a rise in moisture.

Moisture control service

Signs You Should Not Ignore When Controlling Moisture at Your Home

Don't ignore these warning signs at your home or office that suggest you need to add moisture control services:

  • Foggy windows or water droplets on the window's surface.
  • Indoor condensation on furniture and other content.
  • Visible evidence of a mold infestation.
  • Musty indoor odors and a damp, clammy feel to the indoor air.
  • Water stains or spots on ceilings, walls, or floors.
  • Bubbling wallpaper and/or peeling paint.
  • An increase in allergic reactions among residents.
Mold in the room corner

Our Time-Tested Moisture Control Services in Huntsville & Albertville

For more than three decades, our crews have provided top-notch moisture control services to customers in Cullman, Decatur, Athens, Madison, and other cities we serve  that include:

Vapor barriers: It's a plastic liner used for reducing the moisture level. It prevents water vapor from infiltrating and causing water damage.

Dehumidification: This service helps the restoration of the property by removing the excess moisture from the surface and air.

Crawl Space Encapsulation: Crawl space encapsulation involves covering different crawl space portions including foundation walls, ceiling, or even the floors.

In addition to our comprehensive array of moisture control solutions, we provide services that include biohazard cleanup, commercial services, water damage restorationfire damage restoration, disaster restoration, and 24/7/365 emergency services.

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We Are Your Trusted Partner

As an experienced service provider in the industry, Special Touch Restoration has been serving the households and businesses of Alabama for more than 30 years. For our sincerity and professionalism, we have achieved an A+ rating from BBB along with lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers. As a Google Guaranteed Business, our well-trained teams or IICRC-certified technicians provide a gamut of quality cleaning and restoration services. When you need help from one of our emergency crews, we are only 60 minutes away from your doorstep. Our emergency crews stand ready to roll on a 24/7 basis.


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When you find it impossible to control the moisture at your home or office, you must not ignore the matter. Until addressed properly, that issue will only deteriorate over time. Don't hesitate to contact us when you notice that you need moisture control services. Our locally owned and operated company always cares about its customers, who are also our friends and neighbors. To set an appointment with our service team, call 256-908-8484 or click here to book an appointment online.